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Loan Programs

You Want

One of my favorite things about Southwest Funding is their wide selection of loan programs which helps me close even the toughest loans. Go with Southwest Funding and you will not regret it!

The more loan programs, the more times you can say yes.

You're our Customer. We’re here to help you succeed. Our loan programs give you the ability to work with more borrowers.

See what loan programs we have to offer:

  • 620+ FICO on conforming conventional
  • Financed properties up to 10 N/O/O
  • Only one score reporting OK with DU approval
  • Properties one day off market OK for R&T refi
  • No minimum number of tradelines – DU
  • No DTI restrictions – DU
  • Appraisals waivers (PIW) allowed on DU Refi Plus if allowed by AUS
  • Rental income without landlord history
  • DU Refi Plus to 150% LTV/CLTV with 620 FICO if AUS approved
  • 80% LTV cash out with MI approval
  • Lender paid MI; single premium & financed MI
  • HomeStyle Renovation program available
  • Escrow Holdback Repairs up to $5k
  • Texas Cash Out (A6)
  • FNMA Home Ready