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Southwest Funding

Our Culture

At the end of the day, our helpful, productive and enjoyable culture is centered on you – the Originator. You’re our Customer. And we thrive when you thrive.


Helping to close more loans is at the core of what we do. We emphasize healthy relationships between Originators and support staff to close loans with a positive spirit. After all, no one likes a stick in the mud!


We’re constantly exploring new technology and processes to make your experience better so everyone can be at the top of their game and current within our industry.


Life is short. And people don’t want to work in a stressed environment. So whether it’s a fun event, an awards trip to Mexico, or a friendly check-in, we want to make sure you actually like what you’re doing!

Our History

At the dawn of time, back in 1993…

It all started in North Texas. Southwest Funding started operations under the name North Texas Residential Mortgage. We enjoyed great success early on and before long we were serving the entire state of Texas. This growth caused us to drop the word “North” and operate simply as Texas Residential Mortgage.

In 1996, we received HUD approval and started originating FHA loans long before they were widely available. Quickly becoming a market leader in North Texas, our single location office could not accommodate the fast growing number of originators that wanted to join our company and the retail mortgage branch platform was born. We started opening offices all over Texas and saw production quickly rise. In addition to brokering loans, we secured warehouse lines and started funding some of our loans as a Mortgage Banker.

As we continued to grow and thrive in the industry, Texas Residential Mortgage was changed to Southwest Funding to better accommodate our growing business in other states.

Today, we’re still thriving thanks to our ongoing philosophy that the Originator is our Customer. In 2015, our corporate team tripled its office space and acquired their own building in Dallas, Texas. We are continuing to grow year-over-year as our vision is being discovered by Originators across the industry.